Thursday, January 25, 2018

A biker's life (8/365)

Many people don't understand the addiction and rush we feel when we swing our legs over two wheels. Yes it's dangerous. Yes, we are in direct contact with the elements. And yes...everytime we ride it, we are essentially taking a really huge risk with our life.
But all of this feels trivial when you first experience the wind blowing through your hair and that amazing feeling of flying over asphalt. It's really hard to explain since the best of feelings, can never be put in words.
Motorcycling also gives ride to an unsaid brotherhood of riders. You feel connected to another rider when you find him enjoying what you enjoy. We share problems and achievements alike.
I am one such person who takes immense pleasure in riding bikes.  I have been riding for last 10 years with more than 1.5 lakhs kilometers covered on my trusty Honda.  Ask me for a bike ride anytime and I will always be ready.
So...finally I have a big announcement to make in the next post after about 1.5 stay tuned.

Priorities (6/365)

We all are humans and we wish for many things. Somethings which we want and somethings which we need..and so we set a few things in motion to acquire such things. But many a times it happens that these multiple things comeback and bite you at the same time and you end up wishing you had multiple copies of yourself.
Something like this is happening with me. But luckily these first few days of new year have been good and I have multiple good things to share in the coming days... which include finally coming closer to achieving a resolution.
But having multiple things on my plate definitely means I can't give enough time to important things which might make a people think I am ignoring them. But if we be polite and try our level best to manage stuff..people do understand the circumstances. Sometimes you can't prioritize over a certain thing.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Mind of A Dark Artist by nousdementor, (7/365)

The simplest thing you always did,
was to declare me insane.
Calling me a sadist,
being aroused by pain.

you are  horrified by my literature,
seeing the morbidity in my eyes,
scared of my malicious insanity
as its falters your delusional minds.

Blasphemer you always shout,
humiliate me every time.
i am used to your empty insults,
wandering in the loneliness of my mind

"Am i that macabre?
that my words make you shiver?!
Don't you like to hear my lines
with your maggot ridden ear?"

I can imagine what you think.
I know your mind is filled with hate
But these are just lines of poetry,
not meant to obfuscate

Its just that, nothing ever satisfies me
may it be living or the dead
its just pure raw insanity, 
pouring out of my head

You just don't think i am Human.
maybe your guesses are right.
But tell me, just because i am mad
..that i feel no fright?

I made this gore my home,
as i date this carnival of horrors,
my mind has been shattered since birth
like some grotesque art of mirrors

So with a quill dipped in blood,
i stain the parchment making it gleam
echoing the words of a wise man
-what may see or seem 
is just a dream within a dream.

you may wonder and ponder,
what thoughts do i think ?
to make my work,
so dark , sick and morbid?

Oh its nothing

I just kill you all, one by one,
in most tragic ways,devised in my piece
Didn't you wish to know?
what happens in the mind of a Dark Artist.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Compulsive Liar by nousdementor (5/365)

Every morning, some one asks me, whats your name??

And i reply with the first of word, that comes to my mental frame,

Something i made up, staring at my ceiling all night

to be someone, i think they might like!

Sometimes, i am from a place closer to where you live

and at other times i am from a distant star , that nobody knew

I have carefully tempered my looks, planned all other things

to get myself every now and then, a hundred new beginnings

My life, as it is all but a meticulously planned play,

which changes its characters each and everyday,

for i am the puppeteer, and so am the puppet,

but its goes on and on, with noone to stop it..

I always love ..when we play our little game,

where you all surround me, and try to guess my name

I laugh when you always think you have found a part of me

but never have you wondered..I just portray myself, what i want you to see..

for those innocent people i am  a person, so gentle with etiquette

as i am sober like a lover, kind and affectionate

i always think about it, and it makes me smile

cause at other times, i am a cannibal, and a necrophile

for some days, i am capturing sweet moments in my time frames,

at other times, i am a serial killer, tying up people in chains

and the best of all i like , is being the  Dark Artist

displaying the remnants of my emotions, piece by piece.

My name tags may be different, so may be the things i say

but all i want to know is  how it feels, to be someone else for a day

I tried to pretend  myself many a times,

but it did never fit..nor it ever rhymed.

May be i am just a factory defect,

A misfit, in this world you all deem so perfect!

May it be my Loss of identity, or a dissociative personality

but My characters have served me well,and so has my insanity!

With your every guess i laugh and you wonder why??

but deep inside where you cant see i hide and..i cry and i cry

for Every now and then..a new character i try to be

to compensate eachtime, for the ..emptiness inside of me!

You always ask me...why do i lie and never stop??

and there's no other reply than....Why not?


A concept..or may be a reality!

The poet lies and keep on lying, just to hide the empty person inside him. He is noone,..and just to compensate for that , he tries to be what everyone around him like...and has become pretty good at it.

But at the end of the day..he is still alone,empty...and all people who have ever liked him...just loved his characters...never him.

Creative Commons License 3.0/No Derivations 3.0/No Commercial Uses

Gaming Nostalgia (4/365)

These last few days i have been thinking about those days when the games were few and we used to enjoy every bit of them, those long collectible achievements meant fun and discovering every nook and cranny meant something. But games were well polished and less money grabbing back then.
Now I have more than hundred games and only thought I have is to finish each and everyone of them just to know their story.  The discovery and the amazement is lost somewhere.

Many of the games had such amazing story lines, even better than most movies ever made to the point that movies which were created based on them flopped sorely. Take example of Hitman and Assassin's Creed. Amazing games but really boring and weird concept movies. I wish they stuck to the game related stories.
The amazing story lines and vast open worlds in Role Playing games, or adrenaline rush in FPS games, or graceful stealth kills in assassin games, its really a lot to miss out.

Dragon Age: Origins

So as another resolution I have started playing all those old favourite games - Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin's Creed:II and many more. To add in to that I have decided to record my gameplays and upload on Youtube, just for the sake before I start uploading my Moto Vlogs.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Harder to keep up with goals (3/365)

Everyone sets a few goals  at the beginning of the year. The new years and the new year resolutions have that one sole purpose, to let go of the past and begin something new, something which will make you into a better person this year. Yet we fail to realize by the end of the year if we did improve upon last year or did we not since we never gave last year a thought.
Everyone is busy adding regimen to their usual routines. I also decided to add something into mine....writing which I do find fun. However now I have come to realize that after a day job of 9 hours and rest of the time spent in travelling and surviving,  it's becoming extremely difficult to keep up with goals...and writing is one such activity where you can't force yourself to write. If you can' can't.

And this is why I have been missing up on my daily write ups. But let's not loose hope and keep trying...since there will always be days when you can write multiple things and cover up.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Stepping out into the light. (2/365)

So far I have been staying a recluse solitary life with very handful of friends and with minimal to no contact or presence on the social networks.  Apart from the instagram picture uploads I have been totally absent from everywhere else. Though it has definitely served me well, life of loneliness has definitely started to have serious impact on my social skills to the point of being antisocial.

Chatting used to be more fun back in the day...but now with so much of connectivity it has started to become irritating and relationships and connections more meaningless.

Getting a call from your friend once in a week or a month meant so much more and you had a lot to share.  Now we are always connected and together through chats and voice messages.

Noone writes anything meaningful.  Gone are the days of love letters and poetries and flattery. Noone takes even a minor interest in writing out something good. Thus I feel we have lost the flair for communication. We have lost the respect for technology and connectivity.

Kindhearted and good words are replaced by memes and troll images. Birthday calls are replaced by a whatsapp message in broken English "bday". Everyone wants to just acknowledge with no emotions behind it. Thank yous have lost their meanings and so have sorrys.

This is what I thought all along and maybe I could be right. But we still have redeeming qualities. We are still in contact and I should be much more appreciative of people even if it is a simple good night.

This year probably I have decided to be more social. Reply to comments and contribute to discussions and conversations. Also reply to any comments I might get. Maybe I might slip back to my recluse self or maybe not...but I shall definitely try this out.

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