Sunday, October 15, 2017

Situations and situationships...

Just yesterday, a good friend of mine suggested a read from a newspaper about a really curious relationship topic which clearly defined the grey area we all have seen or experienced in our life sometimes. Yes...The word in the header , 'Situationships'. I didn't come up with it and even Google is trying to auto correct it every time I try to type it. But it is something true.. I have felt it many times and many of us have fallen for it.
There are no expectations nor romance.
We all wish we are indomitable and strong but many times we are stuck in a situation, where we wish we have someone with us with our predicament.  I know that sounds selfish but we all have faced it. Sometimes when you are at a new job, joining on the first day you wish u have someone else joining in with you so you wont feel left out or suffer alone during the the time needed to socialize with the rest of the employees, or may be you have missed the last train or bus and are hoping someone else to share the adventure with. and in many cases you find one, and such people stuck under the same circumstances grow up to be best of friends or lovers. I believe this is situationship..cause its situational Duh!

The article talks about the grey area between not in a hookup and not in a relationship.

It's true. There are no expectations nor romance. But still you end up spending the majority of your time with the person who is not your girlfriend (me being a just another guy i am talking about the other sex..if you are other sex, feel free to substitute).  You are not along the ride for a hookup either. There is definitely some spark or so called "Magick" what girls use it to define , but no one takes it a step forward. It stays in the grey area which is what makes it wonderful.

If you are single with a fear of commitment, this is like the best thing which can happen to you. There is no fuss, no drama. If you are committed , this can definitely get in your way since people will start thinking bout your relationship. Yet its the best thing to find someone else to talk and share stuff. The major pros are the amazing  humor and quality conversations since no one is trying to impress each other. the downside is someday someone is going to take a step further probably turning it into something beautiful or irrevocably damaged. but till then its yours to enjoy. This all happens with two people being best of friends just shy from being lovers since no one knows what's in the other's mind.

If you can handle it, enjoy the ride while it lasts. and if you do feel like going a step forward make sure the other person has the same feelings in their heart,  else you are sure to end up getting Freiendzoned with no friendship nor situationship left in it.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


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Its so funny that life is full of inconsistencies that move past our eyes and we never see them pass by.....yet a part of us feels something is wrong and that is probably what we call as an intuition or a gut feeling.

Mostly I think its what our subconscious perceives around without our conscious knowledge. Then it pieces things together to give us an intuition of what is about to happen next...and sometimes it might be true. But that doesn't mean that every intuition is correct. Its just a probability our subconscious minds have derived from actual facts which have been recorded by our brains. Even when we are sleeping I guess our subconscious is constantly framing the possibilities it has woven from facts and showing it to us as dreams. And suddenly one day, the things fall into place as per what our subconscious had woven into the dream and we call it deja Vu. Funny but it's a possibility.

We should learn to analyze our dreams. They hold many such possibilities which our brain identifies by sensing the inconsisrencies. It's really a very powerful processor and we give it much less credit than it's due.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Nothing lasts forever

Its so funny how the world has progressed. Instead of journals and diaries, I am sitting here and blogging thinking what will last longer, a piece of paper or something stored in some magnetic tape. After all, nothing is going to last longer but at least something stored on the cloud is accessible from anywhere in the world.But yet it doesn't exist in the physical reality. People who know me, know that I am all for technology. I have the latest of gadgets and what not, yet I don't trust  technology and I end up thinking flesh and bones and pen and paper mean a lot than an SSD or HDD.

Relationships and memories are something like that. Nothing lasts forever. Nor human mind nor soul. Nor love nor hate. It all perishes away and sometimes we just need to stop and feel the moment, experience it in its purest form, since time is going to flow and its not going to last forever. Have you ever been with someone and you have had an amazing time and when it comes to an end you feel something heavy in your heart but still you move on thinking its an another day . Then someday far in to the future you sit thinking about that moment you were lying beside someone or enjoying a beer with your closest friends or just talking your heart out in front of  your mom or getting a lesson from your dad or looking up to your elder sibling. You always feel the exact moment which is etched in your heart or probably in your brain.And then you think why didn't I enjoy more...I miss that time. And that is where a memory is formed, Yet it only lasts till you are alive, and as your life seeps away someday...that special moment is lost. unless you share it with someone...yet it wont be that exact moment in the river of time.

And this is what makes special people in our life worthwhile...since nothing lasts forever. We are meant to cherish every moment , yet we forget it and put our minds on auto pilot and such beautiful memories are lost somewhere,

Tomorrow morning i am probably going to wake up and forget all about this, I will involuntarily put me in autopilot, hit the gym and attend work and these thoughts swirling in my head, the feelings i am feeling are going to be lost somewhere deep into the safe yet temporary crevices of my mind.

I just wish we could appreciate the time and the people around us more.

Saturday, May 2, 2015 our busy lives.

There are many moments in our lives which we never relish until they are lost. Which make them memories. But what's the use of memories if only we are going to miss them...
Let me be selfish here for a moment. We are always chasing after a dream...or something...and we never stop. We are never satisfied. And in this hurry we forget one important chasing that dream...that we are growing up...we are growing older...and exhausting those few previous moments we have left on this earth to be human. And it all comes down to one and only one thing...Time. It is everything...and it defines what is happening. And I lost some of it today.

Permutation by nature

Its so funny when we look at the world around us....and how we try to control it...there are random things happening which define our lives. No matter how hard we try to avoid is bound to happen. It doesn't necessarily have to be with your girlfriend, siblings, friends or enemies. It can be anyone. You decide not to go out on a drinking date with buddies....yet u find yourself drunk next morning with a terrible hangover and a phone full of crazy pics. You decide to stay home and have a peaceful evening and it turns out u have important appointments. You decide after a heartbreak...not to fall in love or rather lust again...and yet u find an amazing girl you can't help stop spending time with.

It's as if the world is aligned to make things happen which you decide shouldn't happen. And the more you resist...they more they happen. Probably a coincidence or a permutation by nature itself.

The only solution I ever found out was 'to go with the flow' and 'expect the unexpected'. When you don't think too much about stuff....don't resist...and just go on living your life...the chips are sure to fall in the right place. And these are what made the taglines of my life and my relationship.

A way I guess nature..or god...or the god particle has devised our lives to tell us...don't loose hope. When u stop trying for something....that thing is bound to happen if it is decided. I don't think there is some higher power at work here. ..or a book of karma or fate. Its just a make our lives better.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weekends and bookends...

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Weekends usually give me a jittery feeling.  Initially I used to think probably because of my insecurities about people running away when I am not with them...but now I think it may be...or it may not be. Some scars may never heal...but we can learn to overlook them...and with time, forget them...unless someone decides to claw at them. But enough blabbering about random out of topic stuff.

Maybe my insecurity lies with something greater than just people. Its my own life which has been forked out in two different worlds. When I go away from my PG room over the weekends * probably fortnightly*  to visit my hometown...I feel as if I am entering to a different world where the time is different...I have people to take care of me...which is different than my usual solitary recluse self. Actually I loose my independence in a way of living my life. But its not bad....I just feel I don't belong there.

Which brings me to the bookends....or closures. I cannot rest easy unless I finish a book...and I cannot be at peace unless I find a closure *accept it... Partial things and knowledge are always dangerous and harmful*. And when I get free time on weekends I actually don't want to start anything...which I may not be able to complete....because I probably have too many things at my hand and over the week busy with work, I may never finish what I started. This leaves me bored and longing to return back to the place from where I came.

People also make it difficult. Whenever we add humans in the always gets complex. The people who stay with me all the time during the week...just disappear or ignore me over the week...*probably what I think in my head* and they think they are giving me space....which I am pretty sure I don't require. And there comes my insanity crashing down. Cause I am stuck in some void where I have nothing to do....and the one thing which pulls me back to the world I come from....ignores me.

Its funny how we can never understand time. The free time especially...which passes on...taking my bits of my patience with its every moment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So...what is LOVE? word we have been through most of our life...many have fought for it...while many have been hurt over it, many have fallen for it...and many more define their life through it... But do we really know what love is?
Is it just a feeling or an emotion? As I used to think not some long time ago...its probably a dopamine induced addiction...or probably something else without notion.
When you love cannot think of anything other than that special person.
When you are loved by someone....the only 'word' that can define your world is "Heaven".

So what is Love? Is it a thought or an emotion?
Is it a feeling or an expression? Is it an addiction or a hopeless notion?

Love is something beautiful...
Which cannot be defined...
Its a feeling which makes you feel secure
Its an emotion which triumphs every other emotion
Its a thought being thought from your heart..
Its an addiction you can never get rid of..
And its a notion you can never be tired of.

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