Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being Gothic…..


You see a person sitting in a corner….dressed all black, an expressionless face and a weird vibe around him….a weird sense of anger and enigma in his eyes….you cant make out…what he is??..a human or someone else…..no i am not talking about Edward Cullen…but a Goth!!

So who are goths?? are they the worshippers of satan and devil, practise black magic…and always think about death and draw weird,freaky,scary drawings..??


They are people with a different perspective towards life….different than what normal people have…they just see the world in a different way..and so..are different!

But they are generally viewed as laughing stocks and are constantly nagged by other peers..making them hostile towards society…but that doesnt mean they are sociopathic or haters…just they dont take any interests in human affairs and society as their minds are occupied by a host of other things…but once you get to know them….you will know what they actually are!!

What exactly are GOTHS??

If the historical perspective is left out…it actually is a subculture…consisting of artistic, intellectual people with insatiabe curiosity and a hunger for knowledge about the world’s weirdest things…including the paranormal and supernatural references….they are generally accounted with…

How to become one??(because they are cooler and different)

many wonder this question…Unfortunately you cant…goths are born that way..and the insanity and hunger which rages in their minds cannot be developed by normal people..its a given gift for the goths..of course they have to payback in terms of social unacceptibility, awkwardness and constant nagging and being center of humour and most jokes, and a lesser developed sense of humour….but still they do possess a different perspective, higher level of intellectualism,broad mindedness and other things which in some sense can be termed as modern enlightenment..

So..am i a Goth??

Yes..this happens….most people know they are weird, have interests normal humans dont have…and dont exactly know where they belong to…for them there are certain things to make out…

i got this part from Azhrarn’s work so do credit him for it..

  • You feel the need to spend a lot of time creating things (music, art, poetry, philosophies, stories and the like)
  • Your creative efforts are often described as dark, shocking, scary, morbid or strange
  • You like museums and cultural centers
  • You understand and even enjoy Shakespeare, Shelley, Browning or some other similar work without having to read the Cliffe Notes
  • You know the difference between nihilism and existentialism, even if you don't really live by either
  • You feel you are from a different planet
  • You really, truly enjoy music of many kinds
  • You are a very sensual person (aware of color, texture, sound, taste and scent)
  • You don't understand why the people around you spend so much time watching TV
  • You don't feel comfortable looking just like everyone else you know
  • You do feel comfortable just being yourself, even if no one else around is anything like you
  • You have no interest to know why people gossip and chat and tease
  • You wonder "why" a lot, and come up with some interesting answers
  • You wonder "how" a lot, and often figure it out on your own
  • You don't just reject something because you don't understand it
  • You base your opinions of people on who they are and what they do rather than what they look like
  • You are not afraid of the unknown
  • You are not afraid of the dark
  • You are afraid of mediocrity

well in this case my friend…you are a goth!!

False things about us!!

  • All Goths must wear black. Color is not Goth.  there is nothing like it…goths do like different colors just these colors help them blend into their surroundings as they dont like to crave attention and get highlighted…wearing a specific color is a personal opinion…but goths wear black is majorly because Black is the best possible color, always looks good, is dark, absorbs energy…and always shows a sophistication in it..
  • Goth is a subculture based on a musical style. Not exactly…No.many get this impression because of the lyrics of most songs and the make up and style.though generally goths enjoy pianos, choirs and violins..which can be said to be influenced in music…
  • All Goths listen to the same music. hmm..its likely but not always…major instruments always include pianos, choirs and violins in general
  • All Goths are fixated on death. Hmm..it always seems to be like this but NO they are not always fixated on death…but rather they spend more time in wondering and thinking philosophies and reading and researching with their perspective they know more about death…and stuff related…majorly is reflected by their macabre and horror tastes
    Goths are by and large more fixated on the concept of beauty as an abstract, creative endeavors (both their own and those of historical origins) and simply trying to get ahead in a society that doesn't share their individual aesthetics, values and principals.


  • All Goths drink a lot/do drugs. Not at all….they can as normal humans can…and its not like all goths drink and do drugs…its a personal choiceGoths are not all completely clean-cut, squeaky-clean sober types, but we aren't all into drugs.
  • Goths don't laugh except to mock others. Not at all…goths do laugh..and i do laugh at many other things than failures of others..Just they dont like the normal sense of humour, or jokes cracked or someone being teased as always happens in this society..so they never appear to laugh..but you can see them smiling alone thinking…on a personal joke or a weird thought.
  • Goths all have tattoos and piercings. Not at all…these are the works of skin goths…who pretend to be goths..its just a personal choice of opinion
  • Goths always wear a lot of makeup. hmm…well make up is good..and not always but mostly they like the times of victorian culture aand so you see a sense of sophistication in them. Well gothic make up generally reflects nothing on their expressionless faces..and once again is a personal opinion and choice.

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