Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Supernatural across cultures….with a striking coincidence!!

I have always wondered about various superstitions or considerations by people about the supernatural or paranormal…which always find some or the other similarities with other cultures..or rituals.

There are many examples i have observed over time..well though some of the most notable might be..

  • In hinduism it is considered that a dog howling and crying in front porch of a house is a bad omen…possibly because it can see the supernatural approaching for someone in that house…now i dont know why this omen consideration was started…but still..In some of the occult books i have had read that during summoning rituals and conjuration we can apply the tears of a howling dog to enable us to see the spirit…i donno how much it really is true..cause i never went and tried it..but it does ring a bell..

can dogs really see the supernatural???..and is that the reason why they cry and howl??

and how does two religions or cultures of people from different continent have a certain belief that has aspects similar in them??

  • Also we can see many Deities, Gods and Goddesses similar in most ancient cultures..though they have different names and forms…their basic idea remains the same.Now Lilith has many manifestations…but mainly is seen as a female vampire deity.In hinduism she is known as Goddess Kali,In mayans as lilitu and if we consider most of the cultures you will find a deity which matches the vampire description. Thus was she really the first vampire as we come to know(yes you all believe this all is fake and no such things as vampires exist)but there is a point here in it…how come there are records of deity in various cultures across continents which have an almost exact match???? i.e. A female Vampire Deity??

These are some of the examples to think upon…Also you can consider the Lord of underworld Hades and The Destroyer Shiva appear to be the same. Also being spread across the world when no technology to spread the knowledge was present…i think personally they all were real…cause its quite difficult and highly coincidental that all different cultures came across the same deities …just named them according to language and culture!!

So were these deities real at some period of time??Have they forsaken us???

and if they were where are they now??..or what happened to them??

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Humans…are they Aliens??

As a kid i was always fascinated about how humans evolved and at those times the texts only displayed a single line of human evolution chart…but i always considered humans to be alien species on this earth considering the rate of evolution and the major differences in increased intellect and physical degression as considered to other beings on this planet…

But always my major question was why had the primates have to be evolved into such a intellectual Homo genus while others were left so behind??…that there is no other specie to compete with humans…even our other primate brethren are not able to keep up….

This seems a bit odd as considered to the natural and evolutionary laws of nature and darwinism…

The nature though selects the strongest species but still maintains its population by developing a predator - prey relationship and other considering factors….but in case of humans this cannot be seen..or has the nature created a fault which has caused its own destruction…

The human specie has been unchecked …increasing its population at uncontrollable rates…it can be seen though nature devises various strategies to destroy humans….clearly humans evade these quite easily just by their intellect…which has evolved and still is evolving making them superior at every turn.

So i wonder how can such a blunder occur that nature develops such a specie which is ultimately going to cause its own destruction….

Thats why i always considered Humans, not made originally on earth but found earth as a habitable and suitable planet which had its own pace of evolution and development. So being foreign Aliens to the earth..humans with their own rapid pace of evolution..outraced its original beings…who by their slower paces of evolution could not keep up…leading to the domination of the planet by Homo genus….Thus being not originally from here…nature is quite helpless to control the spread of human civilization…by creating any other viable predator against humans,thus failing to keep a check on their population.

And now after the population explosion…and atmospheric differences making inhabitable for humans….they are now searching other planets to inhabit…like mars and may be any other!!!..which seems quite instinctual to me…which may have been done quite millions of years before…by hominids of another planet like earth which became inhabitable..so they had to leave their home planet and come to this planet called EARTH!

And considering the viable option and superior intellectual capacities any other specie if had chosen earth, would have had done the same thing…what hominids did…conquer the planet!!

Love..the drug it is!!

“And love at first sight really does exist - with euphoric chemicals flooding the brain just one fifth of a second after spotting someone you fancy…”

Many of you must have felt the restlessness,agony and joys of being in love… ..yes the taboo word LOVE…which most are too excited to fall in…..

All Humans consider that love is a strong emotion and a sense of feeling and possession which arises from our heart and tells you that she/he is your soulmate….Heh!!…i am absolutely delighted to tell you all that there in nothing wrong with your heart nor your soul..and love never has anything related to spirituality…and even noone ever thinks by their hearts….each and every organism thinks by its brain..and so even you.

So why do you feel there is something wrong with you when you like someone of opposite sex(in some cases, of same sex too ;) )…well..its not because they are your soulmate…but because your brain is secreting a host of chemicals in your blood..and your animalistic instincts kicking in!!

Yes instincts….all animals in this world are here to mate..and ofcourse increase the number of their species…and that’s exactly why you feel love and need for a mate.And trust me…humans also come under animals only!!!

About secreting chemicals…well human brains secrete epinephrine,dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin…when they meet or come in contact with the person they suppose to love…Now i know this rings a bell in your heads..YES….

“love is not about emotion but the feel what your own physical body creates for you….”

and  these chemicals are associated with many body processes…but majorly come under only one topic headline…(other than love)..is DRUGS.

Yes when humans are doped with drugs these are exactly the chemicals secreted..As these powerful chemicals run riot down the neuronal pathways, they dilute and cancel out the nerve chemical called serotonin. Serotonin controls impulses, unruly passions, obsessive behaviour: it aids the sense of power over action, the feeling of "being in control". A severe depletion of serotonin can induce panic, anxiety, queasiness, manic behaviour, depression, obsession: "I can't get her/him out of my mind  I'm thinking about her/him all the time."

And yes this is exactly why people  go mad in love. For this moment consider love is like a drug…consider we call it L.

Now you take a shot of a drug…you feel great..and if its truely enjoyable,you crave for it more and more..and you want a shot of it everytime. This same thing happens in case of L…you see a girl…you like her..and your brain secretes these euphoric chemicals…you meet her and talk with her…more strong dose of these chemicals…and this goes on increasing everytime…until you get so addicted to her that you cant live without her.

And when due to some reasons you dont get to meet her…you start relapsing like a drug addict….you cant think straight, everywhere you only see her…and more of her…and in extreme cases are ready to withstand anything for her.and this is the major reason for the emotional and mental torture you seem to feel after you are in love.

A new Stanford study just out in the journal PLOS ONE — weird name but excellent scientific journal — scanned the brains of undergraduates as they experienced the pain of a “thermal stimulator” on the palms of their hands. When a picture of their beloved was flashed before them, it provided not just distraction but actual relief. And the brain pathways resembled those involved in the highs of illicit drugs.

And yes there have been drugs developed to simulate love…the best example here is Ecstasy, scientifically known as MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), is a powerful illegal drug that teens use to get high. “E,” as it is sometimes called, is a stimulant that usually comes in pill form, but is also available as a powder that can be snorted. and  two common side effects of the drug are loss of inhibitions and unusual displays of affection... yes after taking it you feel the sense of cuddling with each other..touching and a host of other afflictations..which you would experiance in LOVE.

So my friends….This is what we all describe as Romantic love and True Love…LOL:D

So for a better life..i suggest to develop drugs to stop these feelings and relieve most of this humanity of pain and agony….and scientists are already on it..called the ANTI-LOVE drugs.

and i dont want any crap on posting that love is not pain and agony….it is…cause all relationships are perfect at start…but never end well..

This does prove that romantic love is actually just a game of chemicals in your brains..stuthere is nothing like a feeling of emotion or some pid spirituality in it..but still there is nothing like it!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Weird Personality

Mood: Refreshed!

Listening to: Reunion (Assassin’s Creed Revelations OST)

Writing: Poetry (Immortal’s Lament)

Playing: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Watching: Spectacular Spiderman

Drinking: Coffee

hmm..its 2.30 am, and i don’t remember passing out at night 6 hours before…but i feel refreshed like i have never been in my entire life. Maybe i have to find something of my sleeplessness. Staying awake for 2-3 days in stretch , surely takes its toll by me passing out at an unfortunate moment.yet here i sit sipping coffee and reading stuff that should never matter to me..but out of plain curiosity. but that’s not the point why i am like typing this in the middle of the night.

have you ever had like a certain, what’s the word??…something like a fetish…not exactly the weird perverted thing you are thinking, but a certain kind of obsession which until you satisfy takes over your mind?? I know its really weird, and by weird i mean apocalyptic weird, not just some minor trifle.

I am not talking about what i crave for, but lets just say..its really not worth publishing on a blog…but it does get me obsessed, really obsessed, until i get what i want, and then there is this sick feeling of guilt and  self realization, which takes me back to my original self. It lasts for a 2-3 days to a week, and then again i get obsessed. Its like a weird sort of personality i take over,or rather it takes over me.

Many of you may have noticed, i talk weird things sometimes, which may seem illogical, or sometimes i just forget..but i think its a part of this personality, or that personality.i don’t exactly know.

I dont suffer from MPD though, its because i know of me and my various forms.  But i hate that obsession thing which infects my mind, and thought i may try to control it, it gets the best of me.

but i always felt, we don’t harm anyone,not even ourselves, then its not a problem is it??

Friday, November 25, 2011

Goth! Make me one!

Mood: Sick..but laughing at an inside joke!!

Listening to: Hawke Family Theme (Dragon Age 2 OST)

Writing: Poetry (Immortal’s Lament)

Playing: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Watching: Game Reviews

Drinking: Blood..kidding.(Hot chocolate)

Its really weird why people have to always try and copy each other. Everyone is cast into a kind of person since birth, which can never be changed. The way Goths are…

i met a guy once during college, who had been searching a lot for me…why??? because he wanted to become a vampire, and he behaved like one. So everyone directed him towards me. The guy wanted to become a Goth and twisted and write morbid poetries , draw weird art forms and get all the attention from his friends.

The conversation stuck up kind of weird…(weird even for me)

Guy: Hey man wassup?? was looking for you..

Me: (Silence)

Guy: You truly are my Goth brother!!

Me: umm…well..i dont define myself one!(*thinking* WTF!!)

Guy: I have read your poems and everyone here talk quite a lot about you.

Me: well …yeah i write poetries.

Guy: I wanted to write such death poems too..how do you write ??

Me: well…they are not death poems exactly, its called macabre art and it comes naturally to me.

Guy: Come on man….tell me your secret! you seriously cant think about cannibals and eat up your girlfriends,  think about necrophiles…you must copy it from somewhere. this is the reason why everyone talks about you. i also want to be the centre of such dark attention!!!

Me: Hmm…i never copy the stuff. I think about it all the time..and i never wished for attention. Rather they curse me and taunt me…each and every day of my life.

Guy: ohh…really…but the stuff is quite disgusting. You seriously can’t think about eating up people.

Me: You haven’t heard my thoughts!!

Guy: So what kind of Goth are you??? I follow the Blood Goths, you know those whose eyes are full of blood!! I am a Venture.

Me:Weird i haven’t heard of it.

Guy: you are a goth? right?? you don’t know this stuff?

Me: Nope.

Guy: you are a fledgling then!!a novice

Me:What!!? get your Facts straight!!

Guy: You dont know the basic goth concept of family bloodline, novice, adept, master, ancient. the tribes Venture, Tremere, Nosferatu

Me: You don’t know anything do you? they are the concept of a game, Vampire the Masquerade. from the Famous World of Darkness!You have been playing a RPG game.

Guy: Nope. What game? I have read about the site, and logged in there..They are the real goths unlike posers like you.

Me: Poser? really?amusing

Guy: you don’t know anything about goths. you think its a game.

Me: hmm..consider what you may! i have the Game . Google Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Guy: I will see at home. but you can’t think morbid stuff like others say of you.

Me: Nah..i just think of hanging men upside down and cutting up their necks, so that their blood forms a crimson pool, drowning the babies i keep in a tub under them

Guy: yuck!! you are sick!

Me: I know! welcome to my world!

It was the most funniest part and the last line had actually made my point. you can never be what you aren’t. i don’t usually think about such stuff. and i don’t always write  poetries of the dead, they signify something, a different thing. I never defined myself one…just found i was one.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dazed and Confused


Mood: Hmm…don’t exactly know

Listening to: Boulevard of broken dreams (Greenday)

Writing: Poetry (Masquerade of Eternity)

Playing: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Watching: DeviantART profiles

Drinking: Coffee…need a lot of caffine in my system.

Its really weird as i keep on writing here instead of my journal, i guess blogging is much better than writing in a book, as most of the time i have to keep aside my laptop just to write something. Now i know why people are so addicted to onling blogs, and journals, cause all you have to do is just minimize a window, and keep typing in your fav blog writer (i use windows live writer BTW).

I still don’t know why i have made this entry..and why am i blogging still?? ain’t i supposed to study for oncoming NET exams, and possibly get a good job?? May be i was bored of my life and constant work pressure that i am taking some time off..

But i am guessing, i am bored of Biotechnology, i always loved screwing with living organisms, but i don’t see any future here.I mean i dont even know in what topic i should get my Doctrate. I think people were right, i should have had gone into computer or IT field, which all comes naturally to me. I never have to learn about computers, softwares or in that case any other gadget, or stuff. It all comes naturally, just give me a new tablet or smartphone, or a laptop or a software and give me 15 mins, i can show you how it works, and how to use it. but biotech always had my heart. always dreamt about being a biotechnologist, or some weird scientist.

Years before it was because of the movie Jurassic Park and InGen, then i saw all the Marvel superheroes have a phd in some or the other science field..and as i grew up…i  realized i loved playing with organisms more, and went through to become what i wanted to become. And i did, just i don’t find it much fun now.I enjoy every bit of practical and field study, but here its all theory, and you don’t get to work with anything.

Sucks real bad!!!

Ah…my friend is calling me again. and i guess he deserves some attention after i have ignored all his calls entire day. Lets do some laptop repairs and coding work…as usual i have to help him (BTW did you know he is a computer engineer and i am a Biotechnologist, it should have had been opposite)

Immortal Obsession

Hibernal in the hallows of the dark..
i watch you with my sacred anonymosity,
as i have been stalking you for years...
since the day you were born in my eternity..

absorbed in my morbid delirium..
strewn across this broken mind...
i am tainted by your macabre desires..
Infected by your stolen smile..

passing me with your mesmerizing beauty..
you walk alone with your silent grace
as your fragrance fills this stale atmosphere..
enchanting this long forgotten mourning place...

obsessed to the depths of my core
i follow your long karmic strides..
shifting the balance of my existence..
killing my consciousness inside..

like a face hidden in my destiny
you strut right across this broken heart
with those dark clairvoyant eyes...
making me succumb to your wizardry charm..

as he looms into the picture perfect
the velvet voices in my head whisper
jealousy causing ripples in heart
to kill him without any guilty despair..

this feral rage growing inside
as he touches your nectarine skin
as the voices cloud my judgemental psyche
fixated unto this insatiable sin

death being an instinctual guest
i reap pleasure in its service
though is this only an unfortunate soul
why does my eternal harvest cease?

your happiness in this fortunate being
leaving a hole in my undead heart
the voices get louder in symphony
tearing my insanity apart..

petrified and paralyzed she shrieks
as blood gushes through the twisted neck
as the scarlet crimson trickles down
i retire back to my dark masquerade..

a satisfactory sensation fills me within
i wrap myself in the shroud of mist
you run out of this ghastly cemetary...
following you like a rabid beast..

the hollowed teeth sinking deep...
Carving my name across your chest
With a jagged razorblade kiss
i make you mine with this gothic embrace..


Hmm…this was one of my first poetry with a macabre gothic background, and one of my favourites too.  Its a part of me talking, in actual jealous tones. The real me is never jealous, yet i feel like there is some one or something human inside me, which makes me feel something inside my subconscious.

The author here loves a girl, as he has always been even before he ever met her. He always remains away from her, yest observing and helping her in needs, but alas being unnoticed.

In the macabre metaphor, he is a vampire waiting for her since time unknown, until she is born and is observing and caring for her since then.

She is also perfectly of his type, as if born out of a fiction, or a dream. He is so attached to her , that he forgets what he is. She brings a sense of light and warmth to him, and his entire world which has been boring and stale until now(A concept which everyone feels when in love or affection, where our mind is infected by other person, so much that in every little bit we only think of her).

In the Macabre metaphor, its displayed as she visits graveyards like a tapophile satisfying her morbid desires.and when she arrives, the vampire is glad to see her, as he imagines her presence there, changes the look and the entire existence of the graveyard(his world).

She knows he is there, always around her, yet she doesn’t realize he loves her as he is very shy about expressing things to anyone. But there are other people in her life, who always make a point of making her remember that they are there, majorly her past relationships. And as everyone knows, there are guys who try to make a drama, or pseudo emotional acts so that they can win the girl’s heart just for the sake of their longing to be in a relationship. The writer knows that when he sees her ex interfering. He is kind of less emotional and doesnot make a point to prove that he loves her, and just assumes that she knows. Her ex boyfriend makes a drama scene, making her feel guilty thus winning her. The writer hates doing such vile and schemed plots to win the girls heart, so has stayed aloof until now. but seeing this guy, he gets angered, as the guy doesnt even care for her, yet she is with him just because writer has failed to express his love. Hence he interferes finally, expressing himself to the girl. She looks a bit confused yet pleased on him, as she felt all the way that he loved her .

In the macabre metaphor, the vampire sees her boyfriend in the graveyard, who is there unwillingly. he recognizes the guy’s intentions, and so is quite angry on him. Her boyfriend just cares about the beauty of the girl and doesnot recognize her as a person, which even angers the vampire more. Yet he waits and watches as the writer explains the battle raging inside his mind. He has killed before, without any conscience but as the girl looks happy, he waits and controls himself. he is amazed as his emotional detachment for others is lessened, and he has found his mind confused whether to kill the guy or not. But seeing him making moves on the girl even without loving her truely, makes the vampire more sick, and so he attacks the guy killing him in a single snap of neck. She gets scared and makes a run out of the cemetary when he comes and finally converts her to a vampire, to be with him for eternity, confessing his love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NFS:The Run obsession

Mood: Adrenaline Fueled

Listening to: Venice Rooftops(Assassins Creed 2 OST)

Playing: Need for Speed: The Run

Working on: Poetry (Blood)

I always loved the Need for speed series by Electronic arts…always felt much superior than any other racing games of that time…but had lost my interest in it since NFS shift and Pro street. cause those legal racing games were no fun…trust me when i say that, its not the customization which always mattered, i never liked pimpin up my car like a rapper in NFS Underground or Most Wanted, most of the times i just kept it plain night black, sophisticated, yet dangerous. the point was, just racing made the game boring after a while. After all what defines a game is its gameplay, and not the graphics. Graphics maybe good, but its the gameplay which matters the most.
NFS The Run has outstanding graphics, no other game i have seen which looked great (In racing games).and the game is quite enjoyable too..i mean there is a lot of new stuff, and you get a nice car right from the beginning,(i like that cause you don’t have to drive a shitty car from the beginning, until you get a better one). Right now, the game industry serves quite well..i mean there are two games, which take place of each and every game. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Need For Speed: The Run.
But i must note, the story of The Run has caught me. Lets see until i reach New Vegas, as currently i am gaining positions in death valley!
Here are some of my NFS: Run screenies, which might give you the taste of the delicious graphics!

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 00-07-27-82

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 00-11-07-16

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 00-08-31-04

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-10-36-34

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-10-56-33

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-12-56-32

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-15-16-29

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-20-06-44

These are my own screenshots. will take some more as i progress through the game!

Droid issues…

I dont know how i manage to do that thing, which gets me to screw up my gadgets, not by carelessness, but by experimentation. Yeah along with being insane i am also kind of a computer geek, gadget freak or a technophile..whatever you may call me.

I am much obsessed with technology…mainly computers and phones…especially androids, which are much greater than phones anyway (thankful to google for that.) I have been using computers since who knows when…but never till date learned Linux..and since android arrived, i stepped upto linux…since its a linux operating system…and to screw with it..you must know it.

Well currently am really pissed because i have tried this script, which does increase its speed, but donno why connecting my droid to laptop gets it stuck. the script is V6 supercharger update 9 ver6.1. yeah..its pretty awesome…just i dont get why i can’t connect to my system.

So right now am restoring a backup….which i had created a month back..and am regretting why i didnt back my system up before i used the script. but am glad atleast i used a part of my rusty brain to install Amon RA ThunderG recovery.

Hopefully it gets back up and running, cause currently am reading about using Ubuntu on android using CHROOT, which looks pretty awesome…just have to wait till the downloads complete.(and recovery too)

now let me search for terminal emulator!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Elder Scrolls Obsession!!!

Yes yes...i know as i said earlier i was going to post the meanings and the concepts of my poetries....then why haven't i have done it till now???
Its because i am very busy in playin the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Last time it happened when i was playing Fallout 3 and before that TES Oblivion. Yes they are all RPGs and all done by the great Bethesda games...so  turning back to the point, i will post some new stuff soon enough, once my skyrim fever dwindles down.
But trust me you are going to like my poetry ..its morbid yest humorous.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Metaphorical: What my words truly mean?

Just that people never understood the true meanings of my poems, i thought why not explain them what macabre and morbid poetries truely mean. Even in the darkest of words , there are words of morality and insanity sewn together to form an art, which though displays itself as something else, but means something different. Its basically a state of mind, or a psyche at the moment, written down in words which are grotesquely metaphorical to the actual condition.

though the morbidity seems to be extreme, its not what actually being done, its just in the darkest corners of the mind.Morbidity and the protagonist, always hides the real feelings which may be i am shy, or am embarrassed to express. Writing it down in form of a macabre poetry is like saying those thoughts and feelings to everyone, but talking in a different language, such that i am telling a tale of my mind, but you can’t understand its true meaning.

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