Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dazed and Confused


Mood: Hmm…don’t exactly know

Listening to: Boulevard of broken dreams (Greenday)

Writing: Poetry (Masquerade of Eternity)

Playing: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Watching: DeviantART profiles

Drinking: Coffee…need a lot of caffine in my system.

Its really weird as i keep on writing here instead of my journal, i guess blogging is much better than writing in a book, as most of the time i have to keep aside my laptop just to write something. Now i know why people are so addicted to onling blogs, and journals, cause all you have to do is just minimize a window, and keep typing in your fav blog writer (i use windows live writer BTW).

I still don’t know why i have made this entry..and why am i blogging still?? ain’t i supposed to study for oncoming NET exams, and possibly get a good job?? May be i was bored of my life and constant work pressure that i am taking some time off..

But i am guessing, i am bored of Biotechnology, i always loved screwing with living organisms, but i don’t see any future here.I mean i dont even know in what topic i should get my Doctrate. I think people were right, i should have had gone into computer or IT field, which all comes naturally to me. I never have to learn about computers, softwares or in that case any other gadget, or stuff. It all comes naturally, just give me a new tablet or smartphone, or a laptop or a software and give me 15 mins, i can show you how it works, and how to use it. but biotech always had my heart. always dreamt about being a biotechnologist, or some weird scientist.

Years before it was because of the movie Jurassic Park and InGen, then i saw all the Marvel superheroes have a phd in some or the other science field..and as i grew up…i  realized i loved playing with organisms more, and went through to become what i wanted to become. And i did, just i don’t find it much fun now.I enjoy every bit of practical and field study, but here its all theory, and you don’t get to work with anything.

Sucks real bad!!!

Ah…my friend is calling me again. and i guess he deserves some attention after i have ignored all his calls entire day. Lets do some laptop repairs and coding work…as usual i have to help him (BTW did you know he is a computer engineer and i am a Biotechnologist, it should have had been opposite)

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