Friday, November 25, 2011

Goth! Make me one!

Mood: Sick..but laughing at an inside joke!!

Listening to: Hawke Family Theme (Dragon Age 2 OST)

Writing: Poetry (Immortal’s Lament)

Playing: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Watching: Game Reviews

Drinking: Blood..kidding.(Hot chocolate)

Its really weird why people have to always try and copy each other. Everyone is cast into a kind of person since birth, which can never be changed. The way Goths are…

i met a guy once during college, who had been searching a lot for me…why??? because he wanted to become a vampire, and he behaved like one. So everyone directed him towards me. The guy wanted to become a Goth and twisted and write morbid poetries , draw weird art forms and get all the attention from his friends.

The conversation stuck up kind of weird…(weird even for me)

Guy: Hey man wassup?? was looking for you..

Me: (Silence)

Guy: You truly are my Goth brother!!

Me: umm…well..i dont define myself one!(*thinking* WTF!!)

Guy: I have read your poems and everyone here talk quite a lot about you.

Me: well …yeah i write poetries.

Guy: I wanted to write such death poems do you write ??

Me: well…they are not death poems exactly, its called macabre art and it comes naturally to me.

Guy: Come on man….tell me your secret! you seriously cant think about cannibals and eat up your girlfriends,  think about necrophiles…you must copy it from somewhere. this is the reason why everyone talks about you. i also want to be the centre of such dark attention!!!

Me: Hmm…i never copy the stuff. I think about it all the time..and i never wished for attention. Rather they curse me and taunt me…each and every day of my life.

Guy: ohh…really…but the stuff is quite disgusting. You seriously can’t think about eating up people.

Me: You haven’t heard my thoughts!!

Guy: So what kind of Goth are you??? I follow the Blood Goths, you know those whose eyes are full of blood!! I am a Venture.

Me:Weird i haven’t heard of it.

Guy: you are a goth? right?? you don’t know this stuff?

Me: Nope.

Guy: you are a fledgling then!!a novice

Me:What!!? get your Facts straight!!

Guy: You dont know the basic goth concept of family bloodline, novice, adept, master, ancient. the tribes Venture, Tremere, Nosferatu

Me: You don’t know anything do you? they are the concept of a game, Vampire the Masquerade. from the Famous World of Darkness!You have been playing a RPG game.

Guy: Nope. What game? I have read about the site, and logged in there..They are the real goths unlike posers like you.

Me: Poser? really?amusing

Guy: you don’t know anything about goths. you think its a game.

Me: hmm..consider what you may! i have the Game . Google Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Guy: I will see at home. but you can’t think morbid stuff like others say of you.

Me: Nah..i just think of hanging men upside down and cutting up their necks, so that their blood forms a crimson pool, drowning the babies i keep in a tub under them

Guy: yuck!! you are sick!

Me: I know! welcome to my world!

It was the most funniest part and the last line had actually made my point. you can never be what you aren’t. i don’t usually think about such stuff. and i don’t always write  poetries of the dead, they signify something, a different thing. I never defined myself one…just found i was one.

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