Sunday, November 27, 2011

Humans…are they Aliens??

As a kid i was always fascinated about how humans evolved and at those times the texts only displayed a single line of human evolution chart…but i always considered humans to be alien species on this earth considering the rate of evolution and the major differences in increased intellect and physical degression as considered to other beings on this planet…

But always my major question was why had the primates have to be evolved into such a intellectual Homo genus while others were left so behind??…that there is no other specie to compete with humans…even our other primate brethren are not able to keep up….

This seems a bit odd as considered to the natural and evolutionary laws of nature and darwinism…

The nature though selects the strongest species but still maintains its population by developing a predator - prey relationship and other considering factors….but in case of humans this cannot be seen..or has the nature created a fault which has caused its own destruction…

The human specie has been unchecked …increasing its population at uncontrollable rates…it can be seen though nature devises various strategies to destroy humans….clearly humans evade these quite easily just by their intellect…which has evolved and still is evolving making them superior at every turn.

So i wonder how can such a blunder occur that nature develops such a specie which is ultimately going to cause its own destruction….

Thats why i always considered Humans, not made originally on earth but found earth as a habitable and suitable planet which had its own pace of evolution and development. So being foreign Aliens to the earth..humans with their own rapid pace of evolution..outraced its original beings…who by their slower paces of evolution could not keep up…leading to the domination of the planet by Homo genus….Thus being not originally from here…nature is quite helpless to control the spread of human civilization…by creating any other viable predator against humans,thus failing to keep a check on their population.

And now after the population explosion…and atmospheric differences making inhabitable for humans….they are now searching other planets to inhabit…like mars and may be any other!!!..which seems quite instinctual to me…which may have been done quite millions of years before…by hominids of another planet like earth which became they had to leave their home planet and come to this planet called EARTH!

And considering the viable option and superior intellectual capacities any other specie if had chosen earth, would have had done the same thing…what hominids did…conquer the planet!!

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