Thursday, November 24, 2011

Immortal Obsession

Hibernal in the hallows of the dark..
i watch you with my sacred anonymosity,
as i have been stalking you for years...
since the day you were born in my eternity..

absorbed in my morbid delirium..
strewn across this broken mind...
i am tainted by your macabre desires..
Infected by your stolen smile..

passing me with your mesmerizing beauty..
you walk alone with your silent grace
as your fragrance fills this stale atmosphere..
enchanting this long forgotten mourning place...

obsessed to the depths of my core
i follow your long karmic strides..
shifting the balance of my existence..
killing my consciousness inside..

like a face hidden in my destiny
you strut right across this broken heart
with those dark clairvoyant eyes...
making me succumb to your wizardry charm..

as he looms into the picture perfect
the velvet voices in my head whisper
jealousy causing ripples in heart
to kill him without any guilty despair..

this feral rage growing inside
as he touches your nectarine skin
as the voices cloud my judgemental psyche
fixated unto this insatiable sin

death being an instinctual guest
i reap pleasure in its service
though is this only an unfortunate soul
why does my eternal harvest cease?

your happiness in this fortunate being
leaving a hole in my undead heart
the voices get louder in symphony
tearing my insanity apart..

petrified and paralyzed she shrieks
as blood gushes through the twisted neck
as the scarlet crimson trickles down
i retire back to my dark masquerade..

a satisfactory sensation fills me within
i wrap myself in the shroud of mist
you run out of this ghastly cemetary...
following you like a rabid beast..

the hollowed teeth sinking deep...
Carving my name across your chest
With a jagged razorblade kiss
i make you mine with this gothic embrace..


Hmm…this was one of my first poetry with a macabre gothic background, and one of my favourites too.  Its a part of me talking, in actual jealous tones. The real me is never jealous, yet i feel like there is some one or something human inside me, which makes me feel something inside my subconscious.

The author here loves a girl, as he has always been even before he ever met her. He always remains away from her, yest observing and helping her in needs, but alas being unnoticed.

In the macabre metaphor, he is a vampire waiting for her since time unknown, until she is born and is observing and caring for her since then.

She is also perfectly of his type, as if born out of a fiction, or a dream. He is so attached to her , that he forgets what he is. She brings a sense of light and warmth to him, and his entire world which has been boring and stale until now(A concept which everyone feels when in love or affection, where our mind is infected by other person, so much that in every little bit we only think of her).

In the Macabre metaphor, its displayed as she visits graveyards like a tapophile satisfying her morbid desires.and when she arrives, the vampire is glad to see her, as he imagines her presence there, changes the look and the entire existence of the graveyard(his world).

She knows he is there, always around her, yet she doesn’t realize he loves her as he is very shy about expressing things to anyone. But there are other people in her life, who always make a point of making her remember that they are there, majorly her past relationships. And as everyone knows, there are guys who try to make a drama, or pseudo emotional acts so that they can win the girl’s heart just for the sake of their longing to be in a relationship. The writer knows that when he sees her ex interfering. He is kind of less emotional and doesnot make a point to prove that he loves her, and just assumes that she knows. Her ex boyfriend makes a drama scene, making her feel guilty thus winning her. The writer hates doing such vile and schemed plots to win the girls heart, so has stayed aloof until now. but seeing this guy, he gets angered, as the guy doesnt even care for her, yet she is with him just because writer has failed to express his love. Hence he interferes finally, expressing himself to the girl. She looks a bit confused yet pleased on him, as she felt all the way that he loved her .

In the macabre metaphor, the vampire sees her boyfriend in the graveyard, who is there unwillingly. he recognizes the guy’s intentions, and so is quite angry on him. Her boyfriend just cares about the beauty of the girl and doesnot recognize her as a person, which even angers the vampire more. Yet he waits and watches as the writer explains the battle raging inside his mind. He has killed before, without any conscience but as the girl looks happy, he waits and controls himself. he is amazed as his emotional detachment for others is lessened, and he has found his mind confused whether to kill the guy or not. But seeing him making moves on the girl even without loving her truely, makes the vampire more sick, and so he attacks the guy killing him in a single snap of neck. She gets scared and makes a run out of the cemetary when he comes and finally converts her to a vampire, to be with him for eternity, confessing his love.

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