Sunday, November 27, 2011

Love..the drug it is!!

“And love at first sight really does exist - with euphoric chemicals flooding the brain just one fifth of a second after spotting someone you fancy…”

Many of you must have felt the restlessness,agony and joys of being in love… ..yes the taboo word LOVE…which most are too excited to fall in…..

All Humans consider that love is a strong emotion and a sense of feeling and possession which arises from our heart and tells you that she/he is your soulmate….Heh!!…i am absolutely delighted to tell you all that there in nothing wrong with your heart nor your soul..and love never has anything related to spirituality…and even noone ever thinks by their hearts….each and every organism thinks by its brain..and so even you.

So why do you feel there is something wrong with you when you like someone of opposite sex(in some cases, of same sex too ;) )…well..its not because they are your soulmate…but because your brain is secreting a host of chemicals in your blood..and your animalistic instincts kicking in!!

Yes instincts….all animals in this world are here to mate..and ofcourse increase the number of their species…and that’s exactly why you feel love and need for a mate.And trust me…humans also come under animals only!!!

About secreting chemicals…well human brains secrete epinephrine,dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin…when they meet or come in contact with the person they suppose to love…Now i know this rings a bell in your heads..YES….

“love is not about emotion but the feel what your own physical body creates for you….”

and  these chemicals are associated with many body processes…but majorly come under only one topic headline…(other than love) DRUGS.

Yes when humans are doped with drugs these are exactly the chemicals secreted..As these powerful chemicals run riot down the neuronal pathways, they dilute and cancel out the nerve chemical called serotonin. Serotonin controls impulses, unruly passions, obsessive behaviour: it aids the sense of power over action, the feeling of "being in control". A severe depletion of serotonin can induce panic, anxiety, queasiness, manic behaviour, depression, obsession: "I can't get her/him out of my mind  I'm thinking about her/him all the time."

And yes this is exactly why people  go mad in love. For this moment consider love is like a drug…consider we call it L.

Now you take a shot of a drug…you feel great..and if its truely enjoyable,you crave for it more and more..and you want a shot of it everytime. This same thing happens in case of L…you see a girl…you like her..and your brain secretes these euphoric chemicals…you meet her and talk with her…more strong dose of these chemicals…and this goes on increasing everytime…until you get so addicted to her that you cant live without her.

And when due to some reasons you dont get to meet her…you start relapsing like a drug addict….you cant think straight, everywhere you only see her…and more of her…and in extreme cases are ready to withstand anything for her.and this is the major reason for the emotional and mental torture you seem to feel after you are in love.

A new Stanford study just out in the journal PLOS ONE — weird name but excellent scientific journal — scanned the brains of undergraduates as they experienced the pain of a “thermal stimulator” on the palms of their hands. When a picture of their beloved was flashed before them, it provided not just distraction but actual relief. And the brain pathways resembled those involved in the highs of illicit drugs.

And yes there have been drugs developed to simulate love…the best example here is Ecstasy, scientifically known as MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), is a powerful illegal drug that teens use to get high. “E,” as it is sometimes called, is a stimulant that usually comes in pill form, but is also available as a powder that can be snorted. and  two common side effects of the drug are loss of inhibitions and unusual displays of affection... yes after taking it you feel the sense of cuddling with each other..touching and a host of other afflictations..which you would experiance in LOVE.

So my friends….This is what we all describe as Romantic love and True Love…LOL:D

So for a better life..i suggest to develop drugs to stop these feelings and relieve most of this humanity of pain and agony….and scientists are already on it..called the ANTI-LOVE drugs.

and i dont want any crap on posting that love is not pain and agony….it is…cause all relationships are perfect at start…but never end well..

This does prove that romantic love is actually just a game of chemicals in your brains..stuthere is nothing like a feeling of emotion or some pid spirituality in it..but still there is nothing like it!!

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