Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NFS:The Run obsession

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Playing: Need for Speed: The Run

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I always loved the Need for speed series by Electronic arts…always felt much superior than any other racing games of that time…but had lost my interest in it since NFS shift and Pro street. cause those legal racing games were no fun…trust me when i say that, its not the customization which always mattered, i never liked pimpin up my car like a rapper in NFS Underground or Most Wanted, most of the times i just kept it plain night black, sophisticated, yet dangerous. the point was, just racing made the game boring after a while. After all what defines a game is its gameplay, and not the graphics. Graphics maybe good, but its the gameplay which matters the most.
NFS The Run has outstanding graphics, no other game i have seen which looked great (In racing games).and the game is quite enjoyable too..i mean there is a lot of new stuff, and you get a nice car right from the beginning,(i like that cause you don’t have to drive a shitty car from the beginning, until you get a better one). Right now, the game industry serves quite well..i mean there are two games, which take place of each and every game. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Need For Speed: The Run.
But i must note, the story of The Run has caught me. Lets see until i reach New Vegas, as currently i am gaining positions in death valley!
Here are some of my NFS: Run screenies, which might give you the taste of the delicious graphics!

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 00-07-27-82

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 00-11-07-16

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 00-08-31-04

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-10-36-34

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-10-56-33

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-12-56-32

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-15-16-29

Need For Speed The Run 2011-11-24 01-20-06-44

These are my own screenshots. will take some more as i progress through the game!

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