Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So...what is LOVE?

Love...one word we have been through most of our life...many have fought for it...while many have been hurt over it, many have fallen for it...and many more define their life through it... But do we really know what love is?
Is it just a feeling or an emotion? As I used to think not some long time ago...its probably a dopamine induced addiction...or probably something else without notion.
When you love someone...you cannot think of anything other than that special person.
When you are loved by someone....the only 'word' that can define your world is "Heaven".

So what is Love? Is it a thought or an emotion?
Is it a feeling or an expression? Is it an addiction or a hopeless notion?

Love is something beautiful...
Which cannot be defined...
Its a feeling which makes you feel secure
Its an emotion which triumphs every other emotion
Its a thought being thought from your heart..
Its an addiction you can never get rid of..
And its a notion you can never be tired of.

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