Saturday, May 13, 2017


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Song I am listening: Ice Queen by Within Temptation

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Currently I am watching: The Crow

Its so funny that life is full of inconsistencies that move past our eyes and we never see them pass by.....yet a part of us feels something is wrong and that is probably what we call as an intuition or a gut feeling.

Mostly I think its what our subconscious perceives around without our conscious knowledge. Then it pieces things together to give us an intuition of what is about to happen next...and sometimes it might be true. But that doesn't mean that every intuition is correct. Its just a probability our subconscious minds have derived from actual facts which have been recorded by our brains. Even when we are sleeping I guess our subconscious is constantly framing the possibilities it has woven from facts and showing it to us as dreams. And suddenly one day, the things fall into place as per what our subconscious had woven into the dream and we call it deja Vu. Funny but it's a possibility.

We should learn to analyze our dreams. They hold many such possibilities which our brain identifies by sensing the inconsisrencies. It's really a very powerful processor and we give it much less credit than it's due.

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