Saturday, March 4, 2017

Nothing lasts forever

Its so funny how the world has progressed. Instead of journals and diaries, I am sitting here and blogging thinking what will last longer, a piece of paper or something stored in some magnetic tape. After all, nothing is going to last longer but at least something stored on the cloud is accessible from anywhere in the world.But yet it doesn't exist in the physical reality. People who know me, know that I am all for technology. I have the latest of gadgets and what not, yet I don't trust  technology and I end up thinking flesh and bones and pen and paper mean a lot than an SSD or HDD.

Relationships and memories are something like that. Nothing lasts forever. Nor human mind nor soul. Nor love nor hate. It all perishes away and sometimes we just need to stop and feel the moment, experience it in its purest form, since time is going to flow and its not going to last forever. Have you ever been with someone and you have had an amazing time and when it comes to an end you feel something heavy in your heart but still you move on thinking its an another day . Then someday far in to the future you sit thinking about that moment you were lying beside someone or enjoying a beer with your closest friends or just talking your heart out in front of  your mom or getting a lesson from your dad or looking up to your elder sibling. You always feel the exact moment which is etched in your heart or probably in your brain.And then you think why didn't I enjoy more...I miss that time. And that is where a memory is formed, Yet it only lasts till you are alive, and as your life seeps away someday...that special moment is lost. unless you share it with someone...yet it wont be that exact moment in the river of time.

And this is what makes special people in our life worthwhile...since nothing lasts forever. We are meant to cherish every moment , yet we forget it and put our minds on auto pilot and such beautiful memories are lost somewhere,

Tomorrow morning i am probably going to wake up and forget all about this, I will involuntarily put me in autopilot, hit the gym and attend work and these thoughts swirling in my head, the feelings i am feeling are going to be lost somewhere deep into the safe yet temporary crevices of my mind.

I just wish we could appreciate the time and the people around us more.

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