Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A deeper insight into the social circle..

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Its time I get a new pair of headsets….these old ones with short chords, are bugging me..and someday soon are going to break my neck.

Yes…after you read my tweets you get a shallow idea about what i think about all the time, most people think its crazy and i personally don't give a damn.

But the important point of this post is about something new..well i am working now…and  this resulted in me meeting new people, seeing a few new places and making some new acquaintances .

No one bothers to read what i write, so why not i just speak everything straightforward. Like it has happened to me every time…i am the freak of the group.  The people seem to be nice and outgoing but i don’t understand why they all find me weird? i don't have scissors for my hands or scars on my face.

I should stop talking one suggests, others don't understand what i say, both things mean the same anyways. Rest, few think i am crazy just because they don't understand what i talk about. I talk about things like science,medical mysteries, new inventions, poetries, and computers. is it all that bad? They only care about Bollywood movies, gossip and politics.

I don't understand what to talk and how to talk so that everyone understands. i don't like teasing people or pull their legs all the time. Its futile and boring..yet people do like it. There is this one girl, who likes being teased and behaves as a total dumb idiot, why??…because at least she is being teased and that keeps her in the centre of attention. Personally i think that's pure masochism. Others they just enjoy it as it gives them a chance to hit on her…and when she is not there..they say such disgusting stuff about her, it makes me feel sick. Sick because how pathetic this humanity is…how low people can get!! you might think i should have had said that she deserves it for pretending an idiot. But i can see there is something in her..something she hides, to cover up the darkness and behave normal..which at least keeps her surrounded by people. but i can also see she is a good person inside, and pretty brilliant i might add, why she behaves like this is out of my logical scope of understanding.

There’s this other person who think’s he is the centre of everything…and the world of everyone else revolves around his decisions and he influences everyone’s life. well..i personally don't think any of this is true. and no wonder he might be a self centred idiot, others who he believes to be his fans(when he is around), bitch stuff about him behind his back.

I personally never base my behaviour with someone based on some other’s presumptions. cause that is the worst thing to do. I rather know the person and then adjust how i behave with them.

First i thought this was a better place , but now i understand  the entire world along with all those who inhabit it is …rotten, with maggots of deceit crawling over them. People have no respect for anyone…or anything. But they do care for their own self matter if they have to destroy others for the sake of it.

Such a funny thing this social world is. i can never  understand what it all means …cause its not something what it seems. A place where people wear masks all the time..and use those masks not to hide their madness, but to disrespect and lie to others in their faces.

Let them consider me to be abnormal or a freak, but deep inside i do know, even if i don't fit in with anyone…i am true to myself and i am a better person…but not human.

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