Monday, September 10, 2012

A Macabre Lover by ~nousdementor


There is something tragic in a way,
angry at me you look far away,
Across the meadow in your fathomless eyes,
reflecting those hues of these shallow skies

The sky though seems so shapeless today,
it does show a pattern in a twisted way
Ever-changing and dancing with those winds away
teasing your auburn hair as they sway..

I spend my time, watching the gleam on your face
though you look away in a unsaid disgrace,
It doesn't matter as you love me inside..
(How do i know?)
I can see your lips curl a smile by their side..

So, don't look so angry dear,
cause for you even those flowers wither,
Their petals fade and blur,
in thy sight, ashamed of the beauty they bear..

You are surrounded by those meticulous hues,
cloaking inside the true form of you..
Looking at you i find it pure and true,
Yest you look away hiding in the shade of blue..

You creates ripples in my miserable heart,
beating for you in its every part..
Aching in the joy of being with you,
dancing in the agony of loving so true...

Yest you are so angry my dear,
Is it the reason I am so macabre??
Do you compare thee to be loved by the dead..
to be so infected as in my life you were made..

Yest you are here sitting with me..
even this darkest night knows..
together we were meant to be..
as it cloaks our fragile brittle love,
which vanishs with the light
like a raven picking a mourning dove...

Shalt i bathe the moon in my feathered blood,
only to dim the shine it floods,
As it clouds the stars out of your sight..
looking at us in this divine moonlight..

Shalt your nectarine skin i caress,
with these severed limbs of the love-struck poet
As you wear thy florentine dress,
wrapped in my cold morbid velvet...

Shalt i sing those lullabies of the past,
how their loves were never meant to last...
Or shalt i enchant you with a macabre tale...
of death and horror on them as it befell...

O' my dear, Open thy eyes..
look at me once before i vanish..
In this luminiscence of the morning skies...
Painted red in my dying night..
Blinding those stars in its light..

Or were you angry on thee my dear,
cause in the light i disappear,
like a thought in your mind you've reared,
to be with you in those nightmares you feared??

Creative commons license

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