Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Droid issues…

I dont know how i manage to do that thing, which gets me to screw up my gadgets, not by carelessness, but by experimentation. Yeah along with being insane i am also kind of a computer geek, gadget freak or a technophile..whatever you may call me.

I am much obsessed with technology…mainly computers and phones…especially androids, which are much greater than phones anyway (thankful to google for that.) I have been using computers since who knows when…but never till date learned Linux..and since android arrived, i stepped upto linux…since its a linux operating system…and to screw with must know it.

Well currently am really pissed because i have tried this script, which does increase its speed, but donno why connecting my droid to laptop gets it stuck. the script is V6 supercharger update 9 ver6.1. yeah..its pretty awesome…just i dont get why i can’t connect to my system.

So right now am restoring a backup….which i had created a month back..and am regretting why i didnt back my system up before i used the script. but am glad atleast i used a part of my rusty brain to install Amon RA ThunderG recovery.

Hopefully it gets back up and running, cause currently am reading about using Ubuntu on android using CHROOT, which looks pretty awesome…just have to wait till the downloads complete.(and recovery too)

now let me search for terminal emulator!

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