Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Supernatural across cultures….with a striking coincidence!!

I have always wondered about various superstitions or considerations by people about the supernatural or paranormal…which always find some or the other similarities with other cultures..or rituals.

There are many examples i have observed over time..well though some of the most notable might be..

  • In hinduism it is considered that a dog howling and crying in front porch of a house is a bad omen…possibly because it can see the supernatural approaching for someone in that house…now i dont know why this omen consideration was started…but still..In some of the occult books i have had read that during summoning rituals and conjuration we can apply the tears of a howling dog to enable us to see the spirit…i donno how much it really is true..cause i never went and tried it..but it does ring a bell..

can dogs really see the supernatural???..and is that the reason why they cry and howl??

and how does two religions or cultures of people from different continent have a certain belief that has aspects similar in them??

  • Also we can see many Deities, Gods and Goddesses similar in most ancient cultures..though they have different names and forms…their basic idea remains the same.Now Lilith has many manifestations…but mainly is seen as a female vampire deity.In hinduism she is known as Goddess Kali,In mayans as lilitu and if we consider most of the cultures you will find a deity which matches the vampire description. Thus was she really the first vampire as we come to know(yes you all believe this all is fake and no such things as vampires exist)but there is a point here in it…how come there are records of deity in various cultures across continents which have an almost exact match???? i.e. A female Vampire Deity??

These are some of the examples to think upon…Also you can consider the Lord of underworld Hades and The Destroyer Shiva appear to be the same. Also being spread across the world when no technology to spread the knowledge was present…i think personally they all were real…cause its quite difficult and highly coincidental that all different cultures came across the same deities …just named them according to language and culture!!

So were these deities real at some period of time??Have they forsaken us???

and if they were where are they now??..or what happened to them??

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