Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Metaphorical: What my words truly mean?

Just that people never understood the true meanings of my poems, i thought why not explain them what macabre and morbid poetries truely mean. Even in the darkest of words , there are words of morality and insanity sewn together to form an art, which though displays itself as something else, but means something different. Its basically a state of mind, or a psyche at the moment, written down in words which are grotesquely metaphorical to the actual condition.

though the morbidity seems to be extreme, its not what actually being done, its just in the darkest corners of the mind.Morbidity and the protagonist, always hides the real feelings which may be i am shy, or am embarrassed to express. Writing it down in form of a macabre poetry is like saying those thoughts and feelings to everyone, but talking in a different language, such that i am telling a tale of my mind, but you can’t understand its true meaning.

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